Flag Burning Again?

I’m trying to think of a way to write this without sounding superficial, but I can’t: I’m big on symbols. They’re very important, and the way we use and abuse them can shape attitudes and choices in the world of everyday affairs. But is there any good argument for a constitutional amendment granting Congress the power to prohibit flag desecration? Bob Kerrey makes the fish-in-a-barrel argument against the amendment in this morning’s Washington Post, and I thought I’d try to find someone arguing in support. I only spent a few minutes searching, but I came up empty on GOP.com, Heritage, Fox News, National Review, and a few others. Cato, of course, is against it, in too many places to link to.

The “Citizens Flag Alliance” (shouldn’t there be an apostrophe after the S?) has Senator Frist’s March 2006 floor speech here, but I didn’t see much there that requires an answer. He says flag-burning is deeply divisive, but Frist said the same thing when another senator criticised our policy on terrorism, so that doesn’t really help me see why flag burning is different from any other form of expression or protest with which we might disagree.

Anybody think this matters?

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