What blogs are doing to mainstream journalism

Jay Rosen, who writes a blog called PressThink, writes in today’s Washington Post about the effect blogs have had on traditional journalism. Among the major effects he notes:

(1) journalists no longer have the power to act as “gatekeepers” who filter out certain stories (for better or worse);

(2) consumers can get their news anytime and anywhere, instead of at the times and places of the journalists’ choosing;

(3) sources who want to get information out to the public can do it without going through traditional media;

(4) journalists are now subject to an unprecedented amount of criticism from consumers, who check facts and police bias in great numbers;

(5) the profusion of blogs from diverse viewpoints has exposed the groupthink of the major media outlets; and

(6) the bloggers’ ability to be first or best on particular stories has now been proven often enough to erode (finally?) the overconfidence of traditional journalists who were accustomed to thinking that their editorial judgments were final.

I find Rosen’s observations interesting. I doubt this story has an ending yet.

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