Janice Lewis for President

The WSJ has a great story today about hoodlums who get caught because they can’t make proper getaways in their baggy pants. But what I really loved was this part:

Mr. Fuhrman’s suspect wiggled out of his trousers before getting up from the street and running toward a nearby mall, as the police officer radioed a description to his colleagues: “White male, running, no pants, in handcuffs,” Mr. Fuhrman recalls saying. The young man was arrested at the entrance of a J.C. Penney store after Janice Lewis, a 61-year-old passerby, grabbed his shirt collar and held on to him until police arrived.

“He was pretty wild,” says Ms. Lewis, a grandmother of 10 who broke a knuckle during the scuffle. “I didn’t even realize he was in his underwear till the police flipped him over.”

Is Janice Lewis a great American, or what?

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