Lynn Westmoreland, Up Close and Personal

For the last few years, whenever I see a news report about some member of Congress who does something especially outlandish or embarrassing, I have looked up that member's most recent election results. This admittedly anecdotal evidence has led me to formulate the hypothesis that the silliest members often come from the most one-sided districts.

In this connection, I pass along the video of Stephen Colbert's interview with Lynn Westmoreland of Georgia. (It may take a while to download, but hang in there.) If you haven't seen this, you really should watch it just for entertainment value. I wish Colbert had not done the schtick in the middle where he's putting words in Westmoreland's mouth, because while humorous it was terribly unfair. But taking that part out, this is not a flattering profile of Westmoreland — who was elected with more than 75% of the vote in 2004.

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