Minimum wage laws – why National?

Is there anything more clearly appropriate for state rather than federal legislation than minimum wages?  First, according to this Department of Labor website, all but six states already have minimum wage laws.  Second, $5.15 per hour in New York city buys about half what it buys in Des Moines.  How can one possibly argue that the amount proper for one of those cities is right for the other?  Finally, this is another factor that would allow states to "compete" for businesses and citizens.


2 Responses to “Minimum wage laws – why National?”

  1. Mark Grannis Says:

    I agree completely, and I learned something from the sites you linked to. It looks to me like the states are already competing this way, with Alaska offering a minimum wage equal to New York’s, despite a 35% difference in the cost of living!

  2. Mark Grannis Says:

    I should also have mentioned that federalism has received some attention over on the Unity08 site. See

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