Liberating the Limerick

Our neighbor, a policy smarty,
Has a less-well-known side that is arty.
His limerick tome
Should be in your home,
So we’re hosting a book-signing party.

With those words, we invited our neighbors and some of Washington’s intellectual nobility to our home to mark the publication of “Liberating the Limerick,” edited by our neighbor, Ernest Lefever. Mr. Lefever’s collection of 230 limericks (which he selected from over 9,000 candidates) aims to show that limericks can be enjoyed on a more elevated intellectual plane than is commonly supposed — and in mixed company.

The book was warmly reviewed by Carol Herman in the Washington Times. You can also get a sense of its contents from an exchange that took place at our party. Former U.N. Ambassador Jeane Kirkpatrick spoke in praise of the book, and pulled out several “charming” examples, including this one:

In the days of mild Jerry Ford,
Decorum and calm were restored;
He did nothing hateful,
For which we were grateful,
And terribly, terribly bored.

“That doesn’t particularly reflect my political views, but it’s charming,” she noted. Lefever suggested that perhaps this one would reflect Ambassador Kirkpatrick’s views better:

Yelled a communist, “Down with the pope,
And all the crowned heads of Europe!
Equal rights are our creed;
What more do we need?”
And someone shouted out — “Soap!”

It was a delightful crowd and a delightful evening. If you want a book of limericks to recite when you’re sober, “Liberating the Limerick” contains some real gems. It’s available through Amazon, but you can also e-mail me to inquire about a signed copy.

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