More 1984

1984‘ seems to be popping into my life a lot lately. Mark referenced it recently in a post while my son was reading it as part of his summer reading list. I thought I was rereading it but now that I’m done I’m not sure that I actually had read it previously. I think I just assumed I had since the ideas and language are so much a part of normal discourse.

What prompts this post though, is a crawl that I read on TV this morning that said Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had decided that foreign words such as “pizza” that had crept into the language should be replaced with modified Persian words. His crack marketing department came up with the catchy “elastic loaves” as a replacement. See story here.

Can the history books telling of Iran’s great victory over the US Army headquartered in the US Embassy and the “Ministry of Love” be far away?

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