For our Catholic friends

We’ve recently joined a new parish, which is not something most readers of this blog want or need to know. But I suspect there are a fair number of Catholic readers of this blog who might be very happy to learn of a way to get a get an absolutely terrific homily every week. It is for those people that I mention the online homilies at our new parish.

Today, the presider for the mass we usually attend was Fr. Kevin O’Brien, who attended Georgetown and graduated with my wife. His homily for today was so good I had to share it.  (If you’re not Catholic or you missed mass today, you can find the readings here.)

While I’m at it, I’ll also pass along one of Fr. O’Brien’s gems from last fall, in which he connects love of neighbor specifically with the civility of our discourse.  That might be of particular interest to anyone who follows the conversation here, whether Catholic or not.

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