Relentless Pursuit, by Kevin Flynn

A brutal double-murder with no eyewitnesses. A remorseless defendant with one of the city’s premier defense attorneys on his side. A young prosecutor who must systematically doubt almost everything he thinks he knows about his case if he wants to see justice done. And hovering over it all, the certain knowledge that occasionally the innocent are convicted and the guilty go free. Put these elements together, and you have the makings of a gripping crime novel.

Kevin Flynn, Relentless PursuitBut that novel, gripping as it would be, is precisely the book first-time author Kevin Flynn has not written. Instead, Flynn’s Relentless Pursuit gives us a view of the criminal justice system as it really functioned in a real D.C. murder case, the 1994 trial of Norman Harrell for the murders of Diane Hawkins and Katrina Harris. Flynn served as the federal prosecutor in that trial, and he writes with an emphasis on hard fact that makes his account not just a page-turner, but an eye-opener as well.

Click here to read the rest of my review in today’s Washington Times. Carol Herman’s review of a new biography of Joan of Arc also looks interesting.


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  1. David Singh Says:

    Mark Grannis writing a book review for the moonie newspaper? I have lived to see it all. What’s next, marrying-off your daughter in a mass wedding?

    Now, if only you will start reading — and taking to heart — the ‘Times’ Op-Ed pages :)

    Congrats, Mark!

  2. Superbrim Says:

    It was a good review, Granulous, despite its odd location.

    I’m pretty sure, however, that the Times Op-Ed section you follow is the one up north… the one that leaves yellow stains on my fingers when I accidentally flip to it.

  3. Mark Esswein Says:

    I happened on a copy of Relentless Pursuit while on a lunchtime visit to Second Story Books yesterday. Quite the page turner. I haven’t finished it yet, but had I the time, I would finish it at a sitting.

    I did catch one editorial error in the opening pages that made me groan…

    …”River Terrace. Aptly named, it sits above a river, the Potomac, just across a bridge from Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium.”

    Arrgh! Almost as bad as Kevin Costner jumping off the Whitehurst Freeway into the (baltimore) Metro in “No Way Out”

  4. Kylie Tucker Says:

    I knew Katrina very well, I was a classmate of hers. I remember her as being very smart and always an “A” student. She made the honor roll all the time at River Terrace Elementary School. Her favorite teacher was Mrs. Dorsey. Her Best Friend was Lorriescha Braxton. When the story was on the news (Fox 5) I could not believe it. I remember it very distinctively, the news crew camera showing the bodies being taken out on a stretcher and put into the ambulance. I was 15 at the time. I am now 29 and I can not believe I can still remember the “gorry” details as if it happend yesterday. That horrific crime still bothers me to this day.

  5. Ava Harris Says:

    I grew up with Katrina “Trina” as we called her she and I lived on the same street Eads NE, we attended the same elementary school and played together somethimes. I miss her very much. Today she would be the same age of my younger bother 29. To the family I love you and will keep you in heart forever. Hey Trina I will meet you at carnival when I get to heaven.

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