A Complete Miscarriage of Justice

Hung jury, 6-6. The public should demand that the defendant be retried. In a bigger courtroom. And I want a seat.


The Other Bush Legacy.

Not lawlessness, exactly, but a certain carelessness about the rule of law that frequently amounts to the same thing.

The last week has not been kind to Attorney General Gonzales or his department, but I can’t say I have been surprised. In fact, as Andrew Cohen wrote in the Washington Post, there were good reasons from the start to see that in Gonzales we were getting exactly what we now know we got. Cohen set forth his case against Mr. Gonzales in three parts, the second and third of which struck me as a good example of how to overplay a good hand. Part four then makes the attention-getting suggestion that after firing Gonzales, President Bush should appoint Patrick Fitzgerald as the new A.G. James Comey gets honorable mention.

Is the question of a successor on the table? CBS News is reporting that “sources” say it’s only a matter of time before Gonzales is fired. My guess is that the CBS report makes it substantially less likely to happen, but it’s hard to imagine how Gonzales can function effectively for the rest of the President’s term.