What’s up with this blog lately?

As Tim Peach was kind enough to point out in the comments earlier this month, things have been quiet here for quite some time. Some of you have inquired personally to see whether I am quitting, whether I am dying of an incurable disease, etc. Some have even been kind enough to tell me that they miss the blog, or that they have something they want to contribute.

This unplanned “Christmas break” was longer than I would have liked, but it has presented me with a good opportunity to reevaluate the time I spent here during roughly ten months of continuously active posting in 2007. I enjoy blogging, partly because it keeps me reading and thinking about what I read, but mostly because of the comments from other Reasonable Minds. When this blog began, most posts drew no comments at all; more recently, some of the discussions were fairly robust. I almost always learn something from the comments, and I’m more than willing to keep providing topics if people will continue to show up for the discussions.

At the same time, numerous bloggers have complained that their blogs “ate their lives.” Things never got quite that bad with me, but blogging has tended to squeeze out of all other kinds of writing. Recently, I set aside an evening to write this blog post and work on an unfinished draft of a poem I wrote in the spring of 2006 — a pretty good draft, I think, but in need of some significant revision in two or three lines. I was surprised to see how much time had passed without my having done a lick of work on the poem. I want to make sure that doesn’t continue in 2008. And then there’s my day job, which really does exist notwithstanding the doubts expressed by Mr. Gittings on that subject.

So, for a variety of reasons, I’m going to try to post about once a week (on average). If you enjoy Reasonable Minds — and I trust you do if you are still reading — I urge you to sign up for the e-mail version so you won’t be late to the party when the comments start pouring in.

Now, where were we? Something about Victor Hugo? Oh, yes. Here it is.

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