My New Crib

Sometimes this blog seems so impersonal to me — sure, ideas are the lifeblood of the reasonable mind, but we are people, too, and the foibles and triumphs of our stupid, little lives are just as important.

I work on Wall Street, and my life has been a stress-filled bloodbath these past 6-odd months. I’ve faced enormous hits to my net worth combined with the constant threat of firing, making me tired and agitated and extremely unpopular wherever I go.

To address the leverage element of my equation for misery, I’ve moved into more practical living arrangements. I haven’t sacrificed anything in terms of total square footage, and the joint has a certain casual elegance to it that better fits my lifestyle and natural bearing. See what you think:

My Crib


2 Responses to “My New Crib”

  1. Matt Says:

    Can I come over? Why don’t you have a housewarming party? Those are always fun. I’ll bring over some mayonnaise sandwiches.

    And, technically, you don’t actually work on Wall Street.

  2. Timothy Peach Says:

    Oh, it’s you.

    I can feel you coveting the Orange and White Guest Cottage. Unfortunately, I checked my umbrella coverage — you can’t come within 500 feet of it (or me, for that matter).

    And, technically, I don’t actually work anywhere.

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