Measure, Volume III

Volume III of Measure arrived recently and I just can’t say enough good things about it. If you like poetry in traditional meter, you really owe it to yourself to subscribe. (And starting this fall, there will be two issues per year.) Last year, I gave Reasonable Minds a sampling by featuring the winner of the Howard Nemerov Sonnet Award, but this year it’s one of the more whimsical runners-up that I can’t resist. In fact, I like this poem so much it’s likely to be the first of three trips to the poetry corner this week. This goes out particularly to you forty-somethings who have recently joined Facebook, or who have one of those round-numbered reunions coming up.

Lost in Cyberspace
— Marion Shore

Confession: here’s the latest of my vices,
small but time-consuming all the same
(Guilty pleasure? Maybe. Midlife crisis?) —
I Google long-lost friends’ and lovers’ names., Switchboard, and the like
can yield up treasures. Other times I slog
through a mire of hits. Sometimes I strike
the mother lode: a Webpage or a blog.

So anyway, I type your name, press “search”:
an e-zine has a poem of yours — quite clever;
you’re organist and choirmaster of some church;
you’re on your second wife — or third? Whatever.
I wonder, as I press the enter key,
darling, do you ever Google me?

(According to the contributors’ biographical notes, “MARION SHORE’s poems, fiction, and translations have appeared in numerous journals and anthologies. She has also published the collection For the Love of Laura: Poetry of Petrarch, and her translations have been included in Petrarch in English.”)


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