It means a lot of things, I guess, but in financial circles, it’s the ultimate in contrarian investing.  It’s the theory that bear markets can’t end until everyone gives up.

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The Hatfill Settlement

A number of news outlets are now reporting that Steven Hatfill has settled his Privacy Act lawsuit against the Department of Justice and the FBI. Some of the reports have also suggested that our press statement was perhaps a bit more scolding than usual. Reasonable minds can judge for themselves. Read the rest of this entry »

James Dobson, making Obama’s point

Dr. James Dobson’s attack on a two-year-old speech by Barack Obama seems to me to be a very good example of the way incivility in discourse can be self-defeating. Dobson took issue with an Obama speech on the role of faith in political life — certainly a topic well worth discussing, and one on which Obama and Dobson both have something to say. But Dobson’s tirade largely avoided the issues actually presented, and instead leveled charges that are difficult to reconcile either with each other or with what Obama actually said.

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“The luck of the Remens.”

In case anyone is feeling disappointed about bets not made on Saturday, the following story may help. Read the rest of this entry »

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Don’t Say Auf Wiedersehen, Just Go Away (a Clinton campaign wrap-up)

In the last week, Hillary Clinton cheated to pick up a few more delegates and then gave what sounded for all the world like a victory speech just moments after her opponent mathematically eliminated her. Her cringe-worthy focus on her strengths as a candidate at the very moment of her defeat was all the more remarkable because it coincided with a legitimately historic event in our country’s unhappy struggle with the phantom of “race,” and one might have hoped for more perspective from one who aspires to lead. Senator Clinton’s solipsistic performance tells us plenty about her, but more importantly, I think we now know three important things about the country as a whole. Read the rest of this entry »

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The 140th Belmont Stakes: Big Brown, Up or Down?

Dead game filly Rags to Riches grinds down Horse of the Year Curlin in the stretch of the 2007 Belmont

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