Debate #2: I Thought It Sucked

The format, in my opinion, is just flat out stupid and artificial, and it bothers me.  This walkin’ around Oprah nonsense is the most unPresidential thing I can imagine.

Why do people say this format favors McCain?  He couldn’t be more awkward in it.

Both these guys are lightweights on economic issues.  And with one being a war hero and then a career Senator, and the other being a Harvard attorney turned activist, I guess we should expect that.  But I can’t say I’m excited heading into the scariest economic crisis in almost 80 years with no real economic expertise in the director’s chair.  Good teams will help, but man, it’s disconcerting.

Trying hard to be as unbiased as I can, I’m going to have to go ahead and give the nod to Obama.   Both of them racked up some genuine fatuity and question evasion, and neither seemed at all at ease in the venue, but Obama struck me as a tad less tongue-tied and a bit more Presidential, so I give him a lukewarm victory in what to me was clearly a disappointment in the wake of an impressive first debate.

McCain is running out of time.  With a “V bottom” radically unlikely in the markets in the next month, and the chances of a foreign policy “October Surprise” diminishing by the day, the Senator from Arizona is facing an uphill battle.  Opinions are solidifying and the winds of history are blowing against him.

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  1. Steve Grannis Says:

    Neither of them had a “won it” moment last night and I’d call it a tie with respect to “lost it” moments.

    I thought McCain lost it most with the announcement that we should renegotiate mortgages directly. Note that Obama said today this plan would cost too much! Isn’t this like Bill O’Reilly saying government should pay for gay adoptions and Rosie O’Donnell responding that, thanks, but things are just fine as is?

    Obama lost it most when he did not answer whether he’d defend an attack on Israel without prior UN approval. Everyone knows the answer so why not say it, BO? Obviously he’s worried what other countries think about us. All of us are to a certain extent. But I mean really worried, enough to demagnetize his moral compass. No doubt Ahmadinejad smiled.

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