Atlanta to the Rescue!

On CNBC this morning, Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin made her pitch for a share of the $700 billion we’re pretending we have under the TARP.  Mayor Franklin first argued from need — the crisis on Wall Street has apparently made it difficult for the city to borrow money it had already planned to borrow for infrastructure projects it has already approved.  But in addition, Mayor Franklin argued that with a combination of loans and direct grants from the federal government, Atlanta could spend even more on infrastructure and put more people to work.  In her view, “This is one way that cities can help.”

Hey, thanks for the help, Atlanta!  I don’t know where we’d be if you weren’t willing to take federal money for the team!


One Response to “Atlanta to the Rescue!”

  1. Tim Naughton Says:

    The list of cities will be long, indeed. This will morph into the 2nd coming of UDAG, but targeting jobs this time, instead of communities. Hopefully, if there is going to be federal money for jobs to re-build infrastructure, the money will be spent prudently. As highways are upgraded, make sure they can accommodate HOV and rail lines where jurisdictions are willing to expand rail service. Make sure construction techniques are state of the art.

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