Georgetown Tops the Pomeroy Ratings

Now this counts as news you can use — but only for amusement, of course.  The Georgetown Hoyas may be in the teens of the AP and ESPN college basketball polls, but as of today they are number one on Ken Pomeroy’s highly regarded statistical ranking.  Just don’t ask me to explain why.


2 Responses to “Georgetown Tops the Pomeroy Ratings”

  1. Steve Grannis Says:

    If you were to want more than amusement note that Georgetown would pay 30-to-1 if it were to win it all. The first five teams after the Hoyas in Pomeroy’s rankings would pay lesser odds in Nevada, with N.C. the favorite at 1.4-to-1 and UConn next at 8-to-1. Unlike Pomeroy’s rankings it’s clear why Nevada sportsbooks rank teams as they do. The 30-to-1 question is whether Pomeroy knows something the wagering public doesn’t.

    Now that your pulse is elevated, also remember the old betting adage: keep your wallet away from your heart!

  2. Pat O'Donnell Says:

    Damn. Wish I’d read these Posts before they beat UConn last night. I bet the odds aren’t 30-1 today….

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