The Chicago Tea Party

The folks at CNBC are often accused of cheerleading regardless of the evidence — with some justice, though no disparagement of Erin Burnett will be permitted on this blog.

Rick Santelli was not cheerleading today.  Watch the video.  CNBC’s online poll is showing substantial support for Santelli’s sentiments.


7 Responses to “The Chicago Tea Party”

  1. Paul Says:

    Rick is a Champion of the People. Way to go!!!!

    I love it when CNBC of all places let Rick Speak Truth to Power!!!!

    Go Go Rick!!!

  2. George Peacock Says:

    The best thing he said was (from memory) that “you can’t buy your way into prosperity. If there really is a multiplier greater than 1, the government should spend a trillion dollars an hour and we’ll be wealthy.”

  3. Brian Freeman Says:

    Not familiar with Santelli or any of the others, but it was funny to see the reaction of the bewigged gentlemen and gentlewomen back in the studio. Their chuckling at the whole affair seemed a bit nervous.

  4. Mark Esswein Says:

    Like all of CNBC the signal to noise ratio is too low to be useful.

  5. Timothy Peach Says:

    In the words of the Mogambo Guru, when anyone considers the intellectually challenged Rick Santelli to be the bellwether of public sentiment….


  6. Mark Grannis Says:

    For those who are unfamiliar with the Mogambo Guru, here‘s one of his recent offerings.

  7. [Name Withheld by Request] Says:

    1) I’ve said for many years that the Founders should have all been buried on rotisseries…

    2) Whether Santelli is intellectually challenged or not may well be debated, but when he simply speaks based on the two fundamental concepts that drive economics–human nature and common sense, it matters not…, and

    3) That the Mogambo says “we’re all freaking doomed!” (which he has for many a year now), it is completely unrelated to Santelli or any other person–but rather, completely related to the fact that governmental policy and action has been/is running completely contrary to both of the aforementioned fundamental concepts…

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