Jon Stewart with Jim Cramer

How is it that Jon Stewart, whose job is to be funny, can consistently ask tougher questions than the people who are supposed to ask tough questions?  Ron Paul, in his book “The Revolution,” complimented Stewart’s Greenspan interview.  This one with Jim Cramer is in the same league.


3 Responses to “Jon Stewart with Jim Cramer”

  1. Mark Esswein Says:

    Look back through history; comedians, especially satirists, always ask tough questions – whether their audience realizes it or not. Some names that come to mind: Swift, Clemens, Sahl, Shepherd, Cosby…

  2. Timothy Peach Says:

    I’m not a huge Jon Stewart, but he’s smart (unlike, say, idiot Bill Maher), and he is the best journalist out there right now (unbelievably low bar to get over, of course).

    It should be noted that average Joe’s have been putting together these “Cramer is full of it” videos for a long time now. There are hundreds of them where Cramer recommends something that gets killed, and comes back in a week and said he made the right call. He’s completely disingenuous, and I guess we shouldn’t be that surprised, because he’s a Wall Street Democrat (the most venomous lizard in the zoo), and was good buddies with Eliot Spitzer in law school.

    It’s really great to see him get his comeuppance.

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