A New Feature — Nested Comments

WordPress (the software company that makes this blog work) now allows comments to be “nested.”  That means that there are now two ways to comment.  If you want to reply to something in the main post that you think previous commenters have missed or taken a pass on, you just type your comment into the comment box the way you always have.  But if you want to reply to a point raised by a previous comment, you can click the “reply” button directly underneath that comment.  Your reply will then appear “nested” below the comment to which you’re replying, even if other comments have been posted in the interim.

If you’ve been following our “Tim, Ken, and Mark Narrate the Apocalypse” thread, you may have noticed that I replied to a challenge from Tim long after related discussion between Tim and Ken had moved on to a different point.   (Tim replied to me the old way — this may take some getting used to.)

I can turn this feature on or off.  I’ll leave it on for a while and see how it goes.

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