Presented Without Comment

so it goes

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  1. Mark Esswein Says:

    Because I don’t generally advocate violence, they don’t have to take it as far as they did in Romania, but… I wish for the day when the people in all the countries ruled by lunatics, wake and say, “Enough of the bullshit! You’re done!”

    • Steve Grannis Says:

      I fear we’re on the brink of a fatal stage. Corruption repels good men from entering politics these days and they have little chance of being elected without playing the quid pro quo game. We need term limits, need to scrap the tax code and need to balance the budget, for starters. But how can we hope for these things when we can’t get the foxes out of the henhouse?

  2. Timothy Peach Says:

    Man we are all busy bees this summer, aren’t we?

    I guess maybe we’ll get back to blogging after Labor Day….

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