Barack Obama Broke My Blog (and other excuses for not writing)

After an absence of four solid months (except for one trip to the Poetry Corner), there are at least two strong temptations that I’m trying to resist.

The first is just to let it all go; to stop.  That would undoubtedly be good for the other pursuits that occupy my time, like family, work, and hobbies.  But I can’t do it. The problem is not that I would miss expressing myself; it is that I would miss what the other readers of this blog say to me and to each other.  In fact, I have missed what the other readers of this blog say to me and to each other.  And I assume that those who have been kind enough to encourage me to begin again feel much the same way.

The second temptation is just to pick up again and start writing as if nothing had happened.  But some of you have asked directly why I stopped, and I think it’s reasonable for friends who have slogged through hundreds of blog posts together to expect an explanation.  Besides, I’m anxious to dispel certain hypotheses, such as terminal illness (my life is exactly as terminal as everyone else’s).

I am and have been in the Adirondacks this summer, and that always slows down my blogging for some reason.  But the real explanation is that Barack Obama broke my blog.

He’s not completely to blame, but the fact is that when President Obama enticed away my longtime partner, Scott Harris, bar rules required us to remove Scott’s name from the name of our law firm.  That turned out to be a gigantic pain in the butt.  New e-mail addresses, new logo, new stationery, new signage, new bank accounts, new website, and so on.  Suddenly, all kinds of things that used to require almost no time or attention required the coordinated attention of many people.  Everything settled down a few months ago, but my blogging habit had been broken in the meantime.

Then there’s the fact that the new president’s first seven months felt like ground we had already covered.  President Obama has done the things I knew I wouldn’t like, like restore public funding for abortions and continue his predecessor’s incredibly reckless economic policies.  But we’ve covered all that.  The flaps over the speeches at Notre Dame and Georgetown were interesting, but again, we had covered the whole Catholic university thing already.  So I remained silent.  I just don’t think it’s interesting to keep clashing over the same subjects.

Now, there’s the health care “debate,” and I hope to write some posts about that in the next few weeks, so that’s a reason to begin again.  But even more than having a new president to criticize, I find I’m eager to get back to the Poetry Corner to share some wonderful things I’ve picked up in the last few months.  I was at breakfast with my kids yesterday and we started talking about the difference between good poetry and the schlock my daughter read in her school last year.  I found myself calling up various poems that have been featured here on Reasonable Minds, and lo and behold the kids liked them.  We’re still laughing about this one.

So:  Let’s start again, shall we?  Watch this space.


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