Where Are We Going? And What Are We Doing in this Handbasket?

On the theory that a picture is worth a thousand words, I thought perhaps I could use my latest bumper sticker purchases to substitute for commentary I haven’t been writing. Here’s a pretty good summary:


But of course it’s not quite right to say that nothing changed.  There has been this interesting proposal:


About which I have this to say:


The general point, I think, is something like this:


And as the 2010 elections approach, I think many Reasonable Minds will want to express something like this:


or maybe even this:


It’s hard to believe we’ll get through the next few years without an occasion for using this one:


or this one:


In conclusion,


These stickers came from a new supplier, LibertyStickers.com, and one of the reasons I like them is because they also sell blank car magnets to which the stickers can be affixed.  That gives one the ability to remove the sticker easily, which comes in handy if your spouse wants to borrow your car.  Or if you find yourself driving into a situation in which strong anti-government opinions might be considered a liability, such as the security checkpoint of a naval base or the Canadian border.  Just hypothetically, I mean.


One Response to “Where Are We Going? And What Are We Doing in this Handbasket?”

  1. [Name Withheld by Request] Says:

    Great stickers. About a dozen magnet-affixed Libertystickers adorn our cars and regularly change, including many excellent Founder quotes…

    P.S. You’ve reminded me what a blessing it is to have a spouse who does not WANT to remove them. (And riding through any security checkpoints with them is by far the most fun!)

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