Fear the Boom and Bust

À propos of the upcoming vote on whether to confirm Ben Bernanke for another term as Chairman of the Federal Reserve, I pass along the following video.  Proving once again the capacious bounds of human imagination, it presents some of the basic differences between Keynesian and Austrian economic perspectives by casting Keynes and Hayek as . . . well, you’d better just watch it yourself.  (Bernanke and Geithner make an appearance (in character at least) at 4:28.)

One of the creators, Russ Roberts of George Mason University, has a weekly podcast called Econtalk that’s terrific.


One Response to “Fear the Boom and Bust”

  1. Timothy Peach Says:

    Man was that stupid

    Nerd rapping is the worst idea ever. It’s almost never funny.

    The classic blonde in the black cocktail dress was awesome of course. I never get tired of that look. If we just had more hot blondes in cocktail dresses, the economy would rise up out of the shizzle and get STOOPID good.

    Cycles of technological innovation relegate all this crap to footnotes anyhow. I think Kondratiev made that point. In any case, we have roughly 8 more years in this secular bear and then something will trigger a new bull. It will either be a big bottom-out, the end of a war, or some major innovation (prolly on the energy front).

    In the meantime, the next wave looks to be a push to the right and austerity. So deflation is a risk. Cash is king baby! Anybody got any extra?

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