Did you miss me?

Honey, I’m home!

My campaign for Congress is officially over, and here’s the wrap-up.

One Response to “Did you miss me?”

  1. Ken Metcalfe Says:

    A noble effort, Mark, that I greatly supported from across the Potomac…

    And as I’ve also implied with you before (and more than implied), I think you can rest assured that you received many, many more votes in the form of non-votes. There is a large contingent of Libertarians and other individual freedom-loving people who full well believe that the system is so corrupted by the belief in the need for and glory of the State, that there is nothing that can realistically be done until the governed themselves change their paradigm back to one of liberty.

    In the end, the people get the Government they deserve. Despite certain shifts last night between Demoplicans and Republicrats, the results support that premise.

    Given that, I would argue that there are far better ways that you and others of the faith of individual freedom and responsibility can apply your talents to the cause than running for an office. At least well consider the alternatives the next time the Party calls…


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