Angst Among The Angels

Ah, the complex relationship between American Catholics and the institutional Church. On the occasion of Pope Benedict XVI’s trip to the U.S., the New York Times recently printed an essay, “The View From My Pew.” The essay contrasts the author’s attitudes toward the Pope with those of his parents, and posits his relative detachment as how Catholics in general now regard the Pope. Clearly the author loves his faith, and loves his Church, but there was something simultaneously overstated and understated about the essay.

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Catholic Identity at Catholic Universities

I’ve been keeping only one eye on the blog for the last several days because of a sudden uptick in the demands of my day job. As a result, I have not even made it through all the comments on the subject of Catholic identity at Catholic universities. However, it appears we have moved well beyond the original scope of my little blurb last week about Greg Kalscheur. Read the rest of this entry »